qBraid Quantum Jobs give Lab direct access to QPU devices from IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, QuEra, Rigetti, and IQM, as well as on-demand simulators from qBraid and AWS. No additional access keys required.

Currently, qBraid Quantum Jobs only supports standard AWS Quantum Tasks. The application of qBraid credits towards Amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs is not yet available.

Which environments?

Environments listed in the Environment Manager with the quantum-jobs tag have pre-configured support for qBraid Quantum Jobs.


Enable or disable Quantum Jobs by clicking the environment’s More button, and then flip the “Quantum Jobs Toggle” (located under the General Info section). Flipped to the left means quantum jobs are disabled; flipped to the right means quantum jobs are enabled.

access key

Before executing/submitting your quantum program, make sure that your notebook kernel matches the correct environment, and that Quantum Jobs are enabled. From the Quantum Jobs sidebar, you can view the details of your submitted jobs, monitor the status of each job, and track your credits.

Cancel/delete jobs

You can cancel and delete jobs using the Quantum Jobs sidebar. You can only delete jobs that have reached a final state, and can only cancel jobs that have not yet reached a final state (e.g. COMPLETED or FAILED).