qBraid-SDK extension providing support for QIR conversions.


This project aims to make QIR representations accessible via the qBraid-SDK transpiler, and by doing so, open the door to language-specific conversions from any and all high-level quantum languages supported by qbraid. See QIR Alliance: why do we need it?.

QIR Alliance


qBraid-QIR requires Python 3.9 or greater, and can be installed with pip as follows:

pip install qbraid-qir

Optional dependencies

qBraid-QIR offers integrations that require extra (optional) dependencies, which can be installed as follows:

For Cirq to QIR conversions, install the cirq extra:

pip install 'qbraid-qir[cirq]'

For OpenQASM 3 to QIR conversions, install the qasm3 extra:

pip install 'qbraid-qir[qasm3]'

Install from source

You can also install from source by cloning this repository and running a pip install command in the root directory of the repository:

git clone https://github.com/qBraid/qbraid-qir.git
cd qbraid-qir
pip install .

To include optional dependencies when installing from source, use the same “extras_require” format, e.g.

pip install '.[cirq,qasm3]'

Check version

You can view the version of qbraid-qir you have installed within a Python shell as follows:

In [1]: import qbraid_qir

In [2]: qbraid_qir.__version__

Usage examples

Cirq conversions

import cirq
from qbraid_qir.cirq import cirq_to_qir

q0, q1 = cirq.LineQubit.range(2)

circuit = cirq.Circuit(
  cirq.CNOT(q0, q1),
  cirq.measure(q0, q1)

module = cirq_to_qir(circuit, name="my-circuit")

ir = str(module)

OpenQASM 3 conversions

from qbraid_qir.qasm3 import qasm3_to_qir

program = """
include "stdgates.inc";

qubit[2] q;
bit[2] c;

h q[0];
cx q[0], q[1];

measure q[0] -> c[0];
measure q[1] -> c[1];

module = qasm3_to_qir(program, name="my-program")

ir = str(module)

Currently Supported Operations

Add QIR node to qBraid conversion graph

from qbraid_qir.cirq import cirq_to_qir
from qbraid.transpiler import Conversion, ConversionGraph

graph = ConversionGraph()

conversion = Conversion("cirq", "qir", cirq_to_qir)



Architecture diagram

qBraid-SDK transpiler hub-and-spokes architecture with qbraid-qir integration (left) mapped to language specific conversion step in QIR abstraction layers (right).



If you use qBraid-QIR in your research, we kindly request that you cite it appropriately. The BibTeX entry below is aligned with the latest stable release. For the most up-to-date citation details, please refer to CITATION.cff.

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This project was conceived in cooperation with the Quantum Open Source Foundation (QOSF).

Quantum Open Source Foundation


GNU General Public License v3.0