Access to both classical and quantum computing resources is managed through the qBraid credits system, which operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each qBraid credit is worth $0.01 USD, so a quantum job costing $3.80 would subtract 380 credits from your qBraid balance. Credits can be purchased from your account page, or redeemed using an access key. You can check your current credit balance on your account page, in the qBraid Lab JOBS sidebar, or using the qBraid-CLI.

Quantum Computers (on-demand)

There are two pricing components for on-demand use of a quantum computer, or quantum processing unit (QPU), on qBraid: a per-shot fee and a per-task fee.

A shot is a single execution of a quantum algorithm on a QPU. For example, a shot is a single pass through each stage of a complete quantum circuit on a gate-based QPU from IonQ, Rigetti, or OQC. or the time evolution of a Hamiltonian on a QPU from QuEra. A task is a sequence of repeated shots based on the same circuit design or Hamiltonian. You define how many shots you want included in a task when you submit the task to Amazon Braket.

Per-task pricing is the same across all QPUs. The per-shot pricing depends on the type of QPU used. For gate-based QPUs, the per-shot price is not affected by the number or type of gates used in a quantum circuit. Note that the use of error mitigation on IonQ’s Aria QPU requires a minimum of 2,500 shots per task.

Hardware ProviderQPU FamilyPer-task pricePer-shot price
IonQHarmony30 credits1 credit
IonQAria30 credits3 credits
IQMGarnet30 credits0.145 credits
OQCLucy30 credits0.035 credits
QuEraAquila30 credits1 credit
RigettiAspen-M30 credits0.035 credits

Quantum Circuit Simulators

Verify your circuits using a simulator before you run it on a QPU, so you can fine-tune your circuit without incurring charges for QPU usage. Although the results from running the circuit on a simulator may not be identical to the results from running the circuit on a QPU, you can identify coding errors or configuration issues using a simulator.

ProviderSimulatorPer-task pricePer-minute price
qBraidQIR Sparse State0.5 credits7.5 credits
AWSDM10 credits7.5 credits
AWSSV10 credits7.5 credits
AWSTN10 credits7.5 credits

qBraid offers four on-demand quantum circuit simulators for testing quantum algorithms:

  • qBraid QIR Simulator: employs sparse state vector simulation based on arXiv:2105.01533.
  • AWS State Vector 1 (SV1): serves as a general purpose quantum circuit simulator.
  • AWS Density Matrix 1 (DM1): enables simulating the effect of noise on your circuits.
  • AWS Tensor Network 1 (TN1): specializes in simulation of larger scale quantum systems.

All simulators automatically scale resources to ensure high-performance. Billing is based on a fixed per-task cost plus the duration of each simulation, charged per minute in one-millisecond increments, with a minimum billing duration of three seconds per simulation.


qBraid Lab classical compute pay-as-you go pricing. Instances marked with an asterisk (*) are available only via subscription.

InstanceCPUGPURAMPer-minute price
Free2 x86_6404G0.00 credits
Standard*4 x86_6408G0.00 credits
Pro*10 x86_64059G0.00 credits
GPU4 x86_641 NVIDIA V10025G4.13 credits