qbraid envs list

Get list of installed qBraid environments.

qbraid envs list


$ qbraid envs list
# installed environments:
qsharp                         /opt/.qbraid/environments/qsharp_b54crn
default                  jobs  /opt/.qbraid/environments/qbraid_000000
amazon_braket            jobs  /home/jovyan/.qbraid/environments/aws_braket_kwx6dl
qiskit                   jobs  /home/jovyan/.qbraid/environments/qiskit_9y9siy
qbraid_sdk               jobs  /home/jovyan/.qbraid/environments/qbraid_sdk_9j9sjy

Environments with the jobs keyword listed before the path support qBraid Quantum Jobs. The color of the jobs keyword (green or red) indicates whether qBraid Quantum Jobs are currently enabled or disabled for that environment. Quantum jobs can be added to an environment using the command qbraid jobs add.

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