If you encounter an error that isn’t included on this page or if the solution provided doesn’t work, please reach out to us on Discord, email us at, or open a bug report.

Error launching Lab

If you get one of the following errors while launching Lab,

  • 400: Bad Request

  • 500: Internal Server Error

  • 503: Service Unavailable

  • Spawn failed

your qBraid Lab server failed to start. Follow the prompts on the screen, or if none are given, return to, and click Launch Lab to try again.

Lab server errors

If you get one of the following errors from inside Lab,

  • Service unavailable or unreachable

  • File Save Error

you need to restart your qBraid Lab server. For these types of errors, refreshing the page won’t work. Instead, you need to pull down a new Lab image, which can only be done from the qBraid Hub Control Panel:

Go to File > Hub Control Panel, or type directly into your browser. From there, click Stop My Server > Start My Server > Launch Server, and wait for Lab to reload.


While running a notebook, if you get a ModuleNotFoundError after an import statement:

1. Check to make sure you are using the correct notebook kernel for your environment, see Switch notebook kernel.

2. If you are using the correct kernel, the package you are trying to import may not be installed in that environment. See Install new package.


If you are running an Amazon Braket notebook and get a NoRegionError, it’s likely that you have not enabled Quantum Jobs. Run

$ qbraid jobs enable [env_name]

and restart your kernel, and try running the notebook again. If you are using the Amazon Braket environment, env_name is simply amazon_braket.

See also

Extension sidebar errors

Under rare circumstances, you may load qBraid Lab to find that Code Snippets, Quantum Devices, or another extension does not show up in the sidebar, or that an extension only displays a solid grey, red, or other color when expanded, like below:


Most often, this means that your cookies were not correctly passed from your Account page to your Lab page. To fix this error, open, from a new tab or window, login back in, and click Launch Lab. Once Lab reloads, all of your extensions should be visible again.


For certain browser types (e.g. Safari) these steps may not resolve the error. In this case, please reach out to us via Discord, email, or GitHub for further instructions and assistance.

OpenSSL AttributeError

Depending on the environment you’re using, executing

from import AwsDevice

may raise AttributeError: module 'lib' has no attribute 'OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms'. If this happens to you, don’t worry! This is simply a result of an outdated pyOpenSSL version. Upgrade to the latest version and the problem should be resolved:

pip install --upgrade pyOpenSSL