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Universal Command Line Interface for interacting with all parts of the qBraid platform.

Version 0.4.1


qbraid envs

Manage qBraid environments.

qbraid jobs

Manage qBraid Quantum Jobs.

qbraid kernels

Manage qBraid kernels.

Quick Start

The qBraid CLI is available exclusively through qBraid Lab. Login (or create an account) and then open Termainal to get started using the CLI.

$ qbraid
* Welcome to the qBraid CLI! *

- Use `qbraid -h` to see available commands.

- Use `qbraid --version` to display the current version.

Reference Docs: https://docs.qbraid.com/en/latest/cli/qbraid.html

List environments installed in your qBraid Lab instance using:

$ qbraid envs list
# installed environments:
qsharp                         /opt/.qbraid/environments/qsharp_b54crn
default                  jobs  /opt/.qbraid/environments/qbraid_000000
qbraid_sdk               jobs  /home/jovyan/.qbraid/environments/qbraid_sdk_9j9sjy
custom_env                     /home/jovyan/.qbraid/environments/custom_env_lj3zlt

Environments with the jobs keyword listed before their path support qBraid Quantum Jobs. To use qBraid Quantum Jobs in an environment, it must have Amazon Braket installed.

By default, your qBraid terminal opens using Python (and pip) from /opt/conda/bin. Packages that are installed directly at this top-level will not persist between sessions. Instead, use the qBraid CLI to install new packages directly into one of your listed qBraid environments:

$ qbraid envs activate custom_env          # activate environment
$ python -m pip install amazon-braket-sdk  # pip install package
$ deactivate

Once Amazon Braket is installed in an environment, add and enable quantum jobs:

$ qbraid jobs add custom_env     # configure quantum jobs
$ qbraid jobs enable custom_env  # toggle quantum jobs on

Congrats! Every AWS job you run in this environment will now be submitted through the qBraid API, so no access keys are necessary. At any time, you can switch back to using your own AWS credentials by disabling quantum jobs:

$ qbraid jobs disable custom_env  # toggle quantum jobs off