Source code for qbraid.transpiler.exceptions

# Copyright (C) 2023 qBraid
# This file is part of the qBraid-SDK
# The qBraid-SDK is free software released under the GNU General Public License v3
# or later. You can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL v3.
# See the LICENSE file in the project root or <>.
# THERE IS NO WARRANTY for the qBraid-SDK, as per Section 15 of the GPL v3.

Module defining exceptions for errors raised during conversions

from typing import List, Optional

from qbraid.exceptions import QbraidError

[docs] class CircuitConversionError(QbraidError): """Base class for errors raised while converting a circuit."""
[docs] class NodeNotFoundError(ValueError, QbraidError): """Class for errors raised when a node is not present in a ConversionGraph.""" def __init__(self, graph_type: str, package: str, nodes: List[str]): message = ( f"{graph_type} conversion graph does not contain node '{package}'. " f"Supported nodes are: {nodes}" ) super().__init__(message)
[docs] class ConversionPathNotFoundError(QbraidError): """Class for errors raised when there is no path between two nodes in a ConversionGraph.""" def __init__(self, source: str, target: str, max_depth: Optional[int] = None): max_depth_msg = f" with depth <= {max_depth}" if max_depth is not None else "" message = f"No conversion path found from '{source}' to '{target}'{max_depth_msg}" super().__init__(message)