Displays a list of quantum jobs submitted by user, tabulated by job ID, the date/time it was submitted, and status. You can specify filters to narrow the search by supplying a dictionary containing the desired criteria.

Request Syntax:

        'qbraidJobId': 'string',
        'vendorJobId': 'string',
        'qbraidDeviceId: 'string',
        'circuitNumQubits': 123,
        'circuitDepth': 123,
        'shots': 123,
        'status': 'string',
        'numResults': 123

# pylint: disable=line-too-long Filters:

  • qbraidJobId (str): The qBraid ID of the quantum job

  • vendorJobId (str): The Job ID assigned by the software provider to whom the job was submitted

  • qbraidDeviceId (str): The qBraid ID of the device used in the job

  • circuitNumQubits (int): The number of qubits in the quantum circuit used in the job

  • circuitDepth (int): The depth the quantum circuit used in the job

  • shots (int): Number of shots used in the job

  • status (str): The status of the job

  • numResults (int): Maximum number of results to display. Defaults to 10 if not specified.


filters (Optional[dict]) – A dictionary containing any filters to be applied.