get_devices(filters=None, refresh=False)[source]

Displays a list of all supported devices matching given filters, tabulated by provider, name, and qBraid ID. Each device also has a status given by a solid green bubble or a hollow red bubble, indicating that the device is online or offline, respectively. You can narrow your device search by supplying a dictionary containing the desired criteria.

Request Syntax:

        'name': 'string',
        'vendor': 'AWS'|'IBM',
        'provider: 'AWS'|'IBM'|'IonQ'|'Rigetti'|'OQC'|'QuEra',
        'type': 'QPU' | 'Simulator',
        'numberQubits': 123,
        'paradigm': 'gate-based'|'quantum-annealer'|'AHS'|'continuous-variable',
        'status': 'ONLINE'|'OFFLINE|RETIRED'


  • name (str): Name quantum device name

  • vendor (str): Company whose software facilitaces access to quantum device

  • provider (str): Company providing the quantum device

  • type (str): If the device is a quantum simulator or hardware

  • numberQubits (int): The number of qubits in quantum device

  • paradigm (str): The quantum model through which the device operates

  • status (str): Availability of device


from qbraid import get_devices

# Search for gate-based devices provided by Google that are online/available
    filters={"paradigm": "gate-based", "provider": "IBM", "status": "ONLINE"}

# Search for QPUs with at least 5 qubits that are available through AWS or IBM
    filters={"type": "QPU", "numberQubits": {"$gte": 5}, "vendor": {"$in": ["AWS", "IBM"]}}

# Search for state vector simulators by filtering for device ID's containing string "sv".
    filters={"type": "Simulator", "qbraid_id": {"$regex": "sv"}}

For a complete list of search operators, see Query Selectors. To refresh the device status column, call get_devices() with refresh=True keyword argument. The bottom-right corner of the device table indicates time since the last status refresh.

  • filters (Optional[dict]) – A dictionary containing any filters to be applied.

  • refresh (bool) – If True, calls refresh_devices() before execution.